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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4. The Year 4 teachers are Miss Simmonds,  Miss Taylor and Mrs McClair. The teaching assistants who will support you in your learning are Ms Bramwell and Ms Dalton.  


Have a look at our 'curriculum overview' document to see what other topics we will be covering. 


PE will take place every Thursday.  Please make sure that you arrive in school in your PE kit when it is your PE day.

Please take a moment to read our curriculum over view for the Summer Term. Organisational information and diary dates are included in this too.

Year 4 Long Term Plan 2020-2021

Our GLOW Day mini-beast hunt around the school grounds. 12.07.21

A wet, muddy but fun GLOW DAY local walk to the river. 12.07.21

SPORTS DAY 01.07.21 4KS had an amazing sports day today. The children were fantastic. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs.

SPORTS WEEK! We had an amazing time during our sports week. We got to take play Quidditch, Hand ball, Lacrosse and Curling. We also took part in an army training sessions. What a fantastic week! We hope you like our photos.

UKULELES. In music we have been loving learning to play the ukulele. We've been learning to sing some new songs and play some simple tunes. We've been learning about musical terms such as pitch, rhythm and tempo and we've been practicing techniques including plucking and strumming.

SCIENCE. As part of our science topic 'Living Things and their Habitats' we have been finding different ways of sorting living things, according to their characteristics.

Here are some photos from our PE sessions with our sports coach. We've been practicing our running skills as part of our athletics unit. We loved the 'elephant football' game!

FRENCH FOOD MORNING. In Year 4 we enjoyed tasting a French breakfast, including croissants, pain au chocolate and French bread with ham and cheese. Some children tried foods that they had never tasted before! We learned how to say the different food in French and then we designed and made our own French breakfast menu. What a great morning!

We have been learning about 'Electricity' in science. In this lesson, we learned about the different components in a circuit and we used lemons as batteries. It was great fun! Every group managed to make their LED light up

We had a great afternoon during our 'LIVE MEET A MINER' sessions with the National Coal Mining Museum. We found out all about how coal is formed, used and mined. We learned about the history of coal mining and what a day in the life of a miner would have been like. At the end of the session we got to ask and ex-coal miner (Trevor) lots of questions. We even got to make our own 'checks' and take home our own piece of coal. What a great afternoon!

Look at our AMAZING pencil sketches of coal mining lamps! We learned about different sketching techniques, then we used various sketching pencils to create these pictures. Can you see the range of sketching techniques that we have used? We hope you like them as much as Miss Simmonds did!

In SCIENCE we have been learning about ELECTRICITY by making bulbs light up in our circuits.

GLOW Day - 'Spring into Sustainability'. We enjoyed making bags out of old t-shirts and we made grass / cress heads out of old plastic pots.

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Please read about the statutory Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check.

Electricity Song