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Our current staff list


Ms. J. Jenkins - Head Teacher

Mrs. C Gear -Deputy Head Teacher


Mrs. G. Moriarty - Teacher

Mrs K. Simmonds - Teacher

Mr M. Windibank - Teacher

Mrs N. Corrigan - Teacher

Mrs. H. Hyatt Teacher

Mrs L. Woodcock - Teacher (MAT Leave)

Mrs A. Ingram - Teacher

Mrs T Theaker - Teacher

Mrs. C. Burgin - SENCO / Family Support

Mrs V. Wood Teacher

Mrs S. Rodgers - Teacher

Mr C. Rock - Teacher

Mrs G. Eeles- Teacher

Mr E. Dudley - Teacher

Miss S. Clark - Teacher

Mrs K. Fidler - Teacher

Miss N. Elliott - Teacher

Miss L. Parker - Teacher (MAT Cover)

Mrs K. Siwik - Teacher

Mr J. Brehaut - Teacher (MAT Cover)

Mrs. L Taylor - Teacher

Mrs A Pullin - Teacher (supply)


Mrs. C. Marron - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. K Greaves - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Smith - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. K. Faulkner - Teaching Assistant

Ms R Dalton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. D. Fahy - Teaching Assistant

Miss T. Jones - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Bramwell Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Metherell Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Cutt - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Chadwick Teaching Assistant

Miss V. Thomas  - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs C. Faulkner - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Kanalas - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Burton - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Wallace - Teaching Assistant 

Mr R Davies - Teaching Assistant (supply)

Miss E Johnson - Teaching Assistant (supply)

Miss N Garratt - Unqualified Teaching Assistant (supply)

Mrs G Moon - Breakfast Club and  Personal Care Assistant (supply) 

Mrs C Moran - Personal Care Assistant (supply) 

Mrs P Moran - Personal Care Assistant (supply) 

Mrs S Braithwaite - Personal Care Assistant (supply) 



Ms S. Smith - Office Manager

Mrs K. Moody - Admin Assistant

Miss L Williams - Admin Assistant

Mrs J McGarry - Admin Assistant

Mr. D. Annis - Site Manager



Mrs. K. Starbuck - Senior Lunchtime Leader KS1, Breakfast Club Leader, Supply Personal Care Assistant

Mrs A Bray - Lunchtime Leader

Mrs S Devney  Lunchtime Leader

Mrs K. Kirkpatrick - Lunchtime Leader and Breakfast Club 

Mrs L Taylor  - Lunchtime Leader and Cleaner

Miss M. Proctor - Lunchtime Leader

Miss L Williams - Senior Lunchtime Leader KS2

Mrs C Clark - Lunchtime Leader

Miss J Ryan - Lunchtime Leader

Mrs A Sykes - Lunchtime Leader 

Miss E Sharpe - Lunchtime Leader (MAT leave)

Miss L Lamb - Lunchtime Leader 

Miss T Pearson - Lunchtime Leader

Mrs S Braithwaite - Lunchtime Leader (supply)

Mrs P Moran - Lunchtime Leader (supply)

Mrs J Fox - Lunchtime Leader (supply)


Mrs C Jones  Cook KS1

Mrs C Moran  Kitchen Assistant KS1

Mrs C Boulton - Cook KS2

Miss K Burton - Kitchen Assistant KS2


Mrs K.Kirkpatrick – Cleaner

Mrs S. Harrow – Cleaner

Mrs C Turner – Cleaner

Mrs P Jones - Cleaner