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Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament Members: 


Year 1 - Olivia and Tilly


Year 2 - Oliver and Kara


Year 3 - Isla and Maiya
Year 4 - Harry and Lilly
Year 5 - DJ and Sophie
Year 6 - Bailey and Archie

Outdoor reading areas

Pupil Parliament have decided that both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds need  quiet, cosy areas to read books in.  To support this small project, we have used the money raised from the Christmas Market and some of Pupil Parliament's budget to purchase 7 large, waterproof beanbags to sit on in these areas.  We have also shared the left over books from the Christmas Market between the two key stages. The reading area in KS1 will be positioned in a sheltered area of the playground, which may change depending on the weather.  In KS2, the reading area will be in the outdoor classroom.

On Monday 3rd February, Pupil Parliament members will lead an assembly to both key stages to explain the reading areas and outline the rules and expectations of the children when they use them.

We look forward to opening these areas and sharing our new resources.  


Thank you for your support and donations towards this project.


Christmas Market

Many thanks to everyone that donated books for the Christmas Market.  Pupil Parliament members were overwhelmed with the amount of books that we had to sell!!  

Thank you to everyone that visited our stall and purchased a book. 

In total we raised £39.

Anti-Bullying week


In support of Anti-Bullying week, Pupil Parliament members sold wrist bands and rulers to raise awareness of the cause. Thank you to those children who came to help at the beginning of the day.

Children in Need

Pupil Parliament members decided that Northfield pupils should support the campaign by Joe Wicks to get all children fit.  Thank you for supporting this cause by your donations and dressing your child in sports wear. 

All the children enjoyed taking part in a Joe Wicks workout.