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Eco Club


Our Eco-club team members from Key Stage Two are:

Nathan, Robert, Aurelia, Riley and Thomas.


Each Thursday you will see Northfield's Eco-club members collecting, then emptying our 'green' boxes in order to recycle paper and the compost bins into an even larger container. This compost will then be used by gardening club to enhance flowers, fruit and vegetables grown in our soil.


Remember ... reduce, re-use and recycle .




Mrs Gear, Eco-club co-ordinator

Create a Christmas decoration using recycled materials ready for the KS2 entrance hall tree.

In year six, in English, we were learning about fables and here is one .

The human and the piece of paper

One sunny day, a young 11 year old boy, who was in year six, was going to put a piece of crinkled paper, which has been used, in the rubbish bin but the extremely annoyed piece of paper replied with "NO, you may not put me in here ; I have to go in the green paper bin." The boy threw the piece of paper on to the table and replied with a shocked face and mouth open wide. "Why should I do what you say, you're just an A4 piece of crinkled paper?"

"I maybe just a small piece of 'A4' paper to you and all, but if you don't put me in there, the world may become badly polluted!"

"But some parts of Earth are all ready polluted, why should we even try, it might as well get worse," replied the boy with no care in the world.

The piece of paper was crying with ink and pencil stains dripping down its crinkled old man like body. He sighed and said

"Without the world, their would be no one ,their would be nothing ."

The boy started to think less about himself and more about the people around us.


The moral: The moral of this story is always put your pieces of paper in the green bin or it will talk and tell you to.