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Our Approach to Learning


Staff at Northfield expect, encourage and support all pupils to work with a positive attitude to learning, in order to make progress and become keen, resilient learners who want to find out more. Children learn in a variety of ways; in order to stimulate and challenge our pupils we promote active learning. Our pupils are taught as a whole class, or in groups or individually. This varies based on the deployment of staff when meeting the needs of our pupils. Sometimes pupils are expected to work collaboratively or are involved individually with a learning task. Computing is used across the curriculum and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard which is used to support the development and consolidation of pupils' knowledge, understanding and skills.

We also take our pupils on educational visits, invite people into school and encourage links with the wider community to give them valuable enrichment experiences when developing their learning, making memories throughout their educational journey.


We believe in the importance of partnership between home and school. We actively engage pupils in reading at school with the phonics scheme being Letters and Sounds when teaching early reading. Reading at home is promoted and school request parents / carers to hear their child(ren) read at least three times per week. We expect our Northfield pupils to complete homework - suitable for their age and stage. For more information about this, please read the homework policy. 


To support this we have a home-school agreement with parents / carers which sets out clearly how this important partnership can be best made to work.  You can see the details of our Home and School Agreement set out in Appendix 1.


Special Needs


For a variety of reasons a child may experience some difficulties in school. These may be with learning, behaviour, speech or medical conditions. Advice and support is available and we use outside agencies such as the Healthy Family team, Speech Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Behaviour Support and Schools & Family Services to help.  Help is also available from within school for any child with a special need. Children who have been identified as having a Special Education Need or Disability are given specific support through targeted intervention programmes; records of progress are held on a Communications Passport.  If their need is more severe or complex then a SEND Support Plan is written and followed.  Progress is reviewed regularly and parents / carers are kept informed about the progress their child is making and how they can further support at home. A written policy, outlining the school’s procedures for children with Special Needs is available in school and conforms to the Code of Practice.

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