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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Our Year 3 team is Mrs Rodgers, Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Dalton,  Ms Bramwell, Mrs Marron, Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Ferguson.

Our Year 3 children are amazing and we aim to make this year fun, enjoyable and full of memories.

During Anti-bullying week, Y3 discussed how unkind words can make other people feel on the inside using two apples.  We said kind words to one apple and unkind words to the other.  We cut both apples open and we were shocked to see one of the apples was bruised on the inside.  This showed us that our unkind words will hurt people on inside. 

Anti-bullying week

Anti-bullying week 1

During Autumn 2, our topic in Year 3 will be Festivals Around the World.  We will be learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of light and of course Christmas and how people celebrate it around the world.

3LW had a fabulous day with the Partake Theatre Company linking to our Ancient Egyptian topic!


We were able to grind and smell some of the scents they used in Ancient Egyptian times, we dressed up a member of our class as an Egyptian princess and we studied some interesting artefacts.  


During the afternoon session, we performed a traditional Egyptian burial and we were all dressed up as a priest or priestess.  There was even a real mummy!!


The children were really respectful and made me very proud!



This week in Year 3


This week in Maths we are learning about our times tables and division but the people who know the divisions easily they get harder divisions. In English we're learning about a story called The journey. In science we're learning about festivals all around the world so here is one of the festivals we're learning about. It's called Diwali which is a festival of light.In guided reading we're given a sheet which is about The witch of axon and we read the text and then we answer questions.

Curriculum overview Autumn 2018


This term we will be learning about Ancient Egypt. We would really like to see anything the children make or learn about our topic or anything you have that might link to the topic.