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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Our Year 3 team is Mrs Rodgers, Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Dalton,  Ms Bramwell, Mrs Marron, Mrs Chadwick and Miss Callier.

Our Year 3 children are amazing and we aim to make this year fun, enjoyable and full of memories.

Summer term 2019 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 had a brilliant day at Magna.  We explored the centre, had a workshop on volcanoes and played on their fantastic outdoor playground!  

3LW's brilliant trip to Magna

3LW's brilliant trip to Magna 1
3LW's brilliant trip to Magna 2
3LW's brilliant trip to Magna 3
3LW's brilliant trip to Magna 4
3LW's brilliant trip to Magna 5
3LW's brilliant trip to Magna 6
3LW's brilliant trip to Magna 7

3SR's fantastic day

3SR's fantastic day 1
3SR's fantastic day 2
3SR's fantastic day 3
3SR's fantastic day 4
3SR's fantastic day 5
3SR's fantastic day 6
3SR's fantastic day 7
On GLOW day, we tested our volcanoes, made rocks from chocolate and explored the journey of a rock.

GLOW day March 2019

This week in year 3 in:

Maths we have been learning time eg half past seven. We have also been learning the 24 hour clock. Swimming we have been learning how to swim without armbands but we have floaties. We've also been learning how to breath under water.In English we've been learning about The  a story called ug and learning new words eg barming. Near the end of school we read Mr Stink which is a funny story and shows how to react and respect someone who doesn't have as good stuff as you. This story is about someone called Mr Stink who stinks and makes everyone move away from him apart from this girl l called Cloe who gives him food almost every day. SPORTS WEEK. In sports week we have been doing wheelchair basketball, curling, ultimate frisbee. SPORTS DAY. On sports day we have been doing egg and spoon race well potato and spoon race, a normal race, beenbag on the head race and obstacle race.